Poems I’ll Never Send My Tinder Dates: The Pinball Wizard

[CW: This is sexually explicit.]


to the guy
who made me melt by
catching my eyes and
with an affectionate grin
while his cock was in my throat:

when i danced and
shit talked your router while i
adjusted your wifi settings
(only because
i offered)
you stuck your head in from
the balcony, and, with
understated gusto, said,
“i like you.”

the time you spent
plying my nipples with fingertips
while I stroked your cock
in traffic
surprised me with how much
intense pleasure
i derived from
my breasts

i love the way you deftly
wind my ponytail around your hand
before you pull my hair.
i savored the way
it made my
like electrical static
as you controlled my head that way
and sucked my lower lip ’til
i whimpered.

and i love that,
while you didn’t use dominant words,
you still expressed it
with firm, decisive touch,
guiding me to what you wanted,
and never pushing back
if i had to pull away.

i sucked
the shaft of fire
between my lips
as you watched.
trent reznor singing,
“there is no fucking you
there is only me,”

as I pumped my
fist and
moved my
lips and
curled my
over every vein.

i rode you
until my knees protested,
twisting and writhing
as you squeezed my tits,
making my cunt clench around you,

until there was no you
there was no me
there was only fucking you
and I could live in that moment

Five Months Later: Things That Still Suck About Nipple Piercings

  1.  Something that will suck about them until they’re totally healed: IT TAKES 6-8 MONTHS FOR THAT TO HAPPEN.
  2. Something that happens because I’m clumsy: I walk into household objects and get them snagged on them.  Pillars and supports, counters, whatever.  Ever heard a dog get kicked?  The sound makes you cringe, right?  (If it doesn’t, I’m not going to try to be nice, I’m just going to say that you’re a jerk if you like that sound.)  That’s the exact noise I make when I try to go but my piercing wants to stay.
  3. Something that happens because my breasts are large and not supple: My boyfriend occasionally lays on my nipple when we’re facing one another in bed.  I never really noticed until I got pierced, because when I try to roll away, it’s like having someone clamp my nipples with toothed forceps.
  4. Something that happens because I sleep on my side/stomach: I wake up, and the half of me that’s lying on the bed is pressing my nipple into the mattress, and it’s sore as a motherfucker.
  5. Something good, but also slightly irritating: I got this done because I love getting pierced and to increase sensitivity.  It worked!  But sometimes the sensation is literally too much.  I’m not used to it and it starts freaking me out.

Bonus complaint!

My nipple is way harder to clamp and pinch now, because you can only manipulate the tip.