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In 2011, I decided to buy a bunch of sex toys to fuck away the pain of losing my family’s home to a fire. During my shopping, I discovered that people wrote reviews for sex toys and decided I had to start doing that immediately. Since then, the sex industry has become an important part of my life that only grows bigger every year.

By day, I’m a web developer at the company I started with my spouse. By night, I write, educate, consult, and market in the adult industry. Sugarcunt Writes began with a focus on toy reviews and sex/dating horror stories, but now it’s more essay-oriented and includes topics like fat acceptance, mental illness, and intersectional feminism. I still love to review adult products that pique my interest, so if you make or sell sex toys that you think I’d like, you’re welcome to contact me.

Sex Stuff

I’m an assigned-female-at-birth (AFAB), nonbinary, kinky, married queer. In the BDSM community, I’m a switch who enjoys a variety of roles, but primarily I’m a mean-ass online professional dominatrix, a doting domme when I play with my wife, and a bratty sub to tops who think they’re up to the challenge.

Genitals & Masturbation Preferences

I include this information because I feel that it adds helpful context to my reviews.
I have a fat vulva with large labia majora, short labia minora, and a relatively small clitoris with no real hood to speak of. I prefer broad stimulation over pinpoint, and my typical masturbation style involves applying pressure to my prepuce (or the top of my vulva if I’m using something with a head as broad as a Hitachi) with minimal direct contact to the clitoral glans. I have a deep cervix and don’t usually enjoy having it touched.

My favorite insertable toys are usually girthy, textured, or both. I am capable of ejaculation, but typically only in response to a very specific type of stimulation, and never from G-spot stimulation alone. I’ve never had an orgasm without some degree of clitoral stimulation. I usually take a large amount of time and effort for other people to bring to orgasm without sex toys, but I can crank out an orgasm with a Hitachi in less than five minutes.


If I’m not working or tweeting inappropriate shit, you can usually find me playing a game, reading, spending time with my loved ones, improvising songs about my pets, making spreadsheets, or doing something witchy.

Sugarcunt Writes

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